Your 2013 Convention

Following the resounding success of its preceding conventions, the AMBQ has created a must-see annual event, and is proud to present its 2013 vintage ! This convention is designed to provide a unique opportunity for leaders of the microbrewery industry to get together with their current and eventual partners in a professional setting conducive to exchanging ideas and networking. Its other objective is to strengthen the bonds between partners and collaborators in order to reach the goals set for development of the brewing industry in Québec.


Participants and media people will be interested in our famous keynote speakers from Québec and overseas.


The Suppliers' Expo provides opportunities for exchanges between suppliers and microbrewers. Its purpose is to strengthen existing business relations and develop new ones. A unique opportunity for suppliers to be under the same roof as decisionmakers from small breweries and to be able to present them with new product ideas, services and expertise.

(For a bio of the speaker, place the cursor over his name.)